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Free Hearing Test and Demonstrations

Lennox Hearing Cork - Free Hearing Tests in Cork, Limerick, Kerry and Waterford
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Lennox Hearing Cork - Award Winning Hearing Specialists in Cork, Limerick, Kerry and Waterford
Lennox Hearing - Free Hearing Test in Cork, Limerick, Kerry and Waterford

Get tested for free!

Free Hearing Tests

All hearing tests carried out at the Lennox Hearing Clinics are free, plus our fully-trained stadd provide a free demonstration of the latest digital hearing technology for you to experience just how good your hearing can be.


What happens during a hearing test?


A hearing test at Lennox Hearing is a simple procedure. You will meet with one of our team of qualified Audiologists who will carry out the test in the comfort of the clinic or in your home if you can’t make it into us. The hearing test aims to determine the level of hearing quality. Based on the results we can advise you on the best way to improve your hearing using one of our hearing products.


How long does a hearing test last/take?


A hearing test takes no longer than 60 minutes


Is it painful?


It is completely pain free


What happens after we have tested your hearing?

Once you decide on the type of hearing aid you would like, we invite you back to the clinic on another date to fit your new hearing aid.
At this stage we carry out a Free Hearing Aid Demonstration with you to help you to fit and operate your new hearing aid, helping you find the perfect fit and volume level or adjustment to suit your needs.

Free hearing tests for over 30 years

Lennox Hearing has provided free hearing tests for over 30 years. Our aim is to ensure the best quality in hearing aid products.


We are always researching the latest in hearing aid technology and we bring this expertise and experience to all of our clients.

"A business that truly cares about its customers and goes above and beyond to provide the best possible service. I cannot praise Francis and all the team at Lennox Hearing Aid Specialists highly enough. The level of service is truly exceptional both before and after."

Paddy O'Brien

Organiser of the Over 60’s Talent Competition

"My new rechargeable hearing aids from Lennox Hearing have given me a new lease of life. The service and aftercare that Francis & the team has given me is second to none. I would highly recommend Lennox Hearing to anyone who thinks they have a hearing loss."

Niall Sheehy

Former Kerry Gaelic Football player

"I have been a client of Lennox Hearing for some time now. I always enjoyed the wonderful caring service from the whole family but never more than at this difficult lockdown period. Francis has been in contact to assure that if the need arises, he is available. The untold message is one of care, confidence and consideration. This permeates the family business of Lennox Hearing."

Thomas McCarthy


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