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Tips to Protect Your Hearing and Hearing Aids in Cold Weather

The chilly wintry weather can cause damage to hearing aids if proper precautions aren’t taken.


Extreme changes in temperatures can be quite damaging to a hearing aid and its batteries, for example changes in temperature when you come into a warm building from the cold outside. It’s not the cold itself that causes damage, but it’s the condensation that occurs due to temperature change.


The cold may also affect your ears in many ways. The frosty weather can also lead to a stuffy or blocked feeling in the ears, meaning they are clogged which is due to changes in the air pressure.


If you have tinnitus, you may notice that it’s more noticeable in cold weather. The cold can sometimes trigger tinnitus, the ringing sound in your ears. It is not known exactly why tinnitus is more common in the winter, but if you’re experiencing it more frequently in the winter months, you’re not the only one!


  • The cold weather brings some potential issues for people with hearing aids. But these tips for how you can prevent weather damage to your ears and hearing aids in winter may help settle your worries.


  • During the winter months, regularly check your hearing aids regularly for any signs of moisture damage. Some of the signs of moisture damage include:
    • Sounds are unclear or seem distorted
    • The sound cutting in and out
    • Everything you hear is punctuated by static
    • Your hearing aids stop working for a while and then restart again


  • Clean and dry your hearing aids every day. This is one of the best ways to protect your hearing aids from the cold weather. Once you’re indoors, let your hearing aids breathe and give the battery compartment a quick wipe to absorb any moisture.


  • Another way to protect your hearing aids and keep them dry is by wearing a hat or earmuffs (plus they’ll keep your ears cosy!) or use an umbrella if you’re going out in the rain.


  • Another tip is to keep spare batteries on hand, as sometimes the cold of the season can drain your batteries faster than normal.


We can help with any of your hearing aid maintenance and repairs, and give you some more valuable tips on how to protect your hearing aids in cold weather if needed. Don’t hesitate to pop into any of our clinics or give us a call on 1800 30 35 76.

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