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Signs of Hearing Loss in Children

Do you think your child may have hearing loss? The signs of hearing loss in children aren’t always so obvious.


It’s a good idea as a parent to be alert to situations where your child may not respond to a sound appropriately – this may be an indication of hearing loss.


The most important sign of possible hearing loss is delayed development of speech and language. Here are some other signs to look out for that a child may not be hearing normally:


  • Not being aware that someone who is out of view is talking, especially when there are few distractions
  • Displaying a surprised look when they realize their name has been called regardless of noise level
  • Sitting quite close to the TV when the volume is enough for others to hear
  • Not responding or reacting to voices over the phone and switching ears continually
  • Not reacting to intense and loud sounds.
  • Your infant has stopped babbling and experimenting with making sounds
  • Increasing the volume of the TV or radio to very loud levels
  • Does not follow simple commands or understand simple directions
  • Is easily frustrated and experiences communication breakdowns
  • Is falling behind with speech and communication skills
  • Cannot understand what you are saying unless they are looking directly at you
  • Shows signs of behavioral problems or social difficulties
  • Your child starts to speak more loudly than previously.


If your child displays some of these signs and if you think your child has hearing loss, get their hearing tested by a hearing health professional.


It is essential to get the right treatment as early as possible, as it is important to remember that even mild forms of hearing loss can negatively impact a child’s ability to learn through hearing.


We are more than happy to help at Lennox Hearing Care, simply call us on 1800 30 35 76 for more information.

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